So it’s the beginning of Ramadan today and the entire community is on fasting mode. As we all know, UAE is implementing some strict rules on solemnity. No short skirts and revealing clothes. No eating on public places. No public display of affection – which Sam (I am now officially naming my fiance’) has specifically pointed out this morning during breakfast. “No PDA. We will high five at the bus station.” He instructed.

I respect the Muslim tradition and I have high regard with these practices. Most specially that it is a time for prayer and contemplation. So yesterday my Iranian boss approached my desk with his casual funky smirk and smooth morning lines. I told him. “You know you should dial down the flirting. Ramadan is coming.”

In which he responded. “Actually everything is heightened during Ramadan. Flirting. Appetite. Crispy Pata. Oh Crispy Pata!”

He always mentions Crispy Pata because he used to date a famous Filipina celebrity which I will of course not divulge ever in this blog. Anyway, he was probably kidding. Or maybe not. Deprivation can be lethal. And I am not even talking about food here. But that’s a whole different story. Let’s save my deprivation of shopping for later. I guess what my boss meant was that, fasting is one of the most scared sacrifice of the human body.

After waiting for 5 days and counting for our salary, accounts has finally funded the bank so I am expecting to get my pay any moment now. I lost the energy to complain about delays. Eventually you will get accustomed to the norms. I have embraced the fact that UAE standards are different from US, UK and Philippines. I have NEVER experienced any delay in pay day for my twelve years working in my country. NOT ONCE. If there was ever a time I was surprised, it was because it came too early with our 13th month pay included.

So when my  colleagues came to office to get their cheques looking deliriously happy, I said. “Good for you people! Go, enjoy and eat somewhere.”

Awkward silence.

I should’ve kept my stupid mouth shut.  Lucky me, these people are very forgiving.

My apology.

“Ramadan Kareem!”

Photo Credit: Fuckyeahjenaniston

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