Thank God I have this adorable fiancé who stood by me when I was feeling all gloomy and cranky that Tuesday afternoon after my dreadful interview at Mashreq. I was feeling really bummed about several things even before that incident. No biggies. I’m just being ME – a variety of mood stitched in motion. I still don’t know how he manages to pacify me every now and then.

So we were walking inside Union Metro, just a few blocks away from our flat discussing some serious relevant topic about our relationship – future plans, getting married, business, babies and whatnot when a 6 ft. tall police officer suddenly approached my fiancé and asked for his Emirates ID. Police officer examined the ID and wasn’t satisfied so he asked for my Emirates ID too. My fiancé and I stood there stupefied in the middle of a busy metro station wondering what offense we could’ve possible done. We have been law abiding residents of Dubai except of course those inevitable jaywalking moments here and there. But other than that we try as much as we can to make Dubai the best place to live in. Duh.

And maybe because he doesn’t speak English well he just shoved us both away when he couldn’t give any rationale for attempting to confiscate our identification cards. Until now I’m still puzzled and my fiancé is beginning to question his good looks. Does he look like a terrorist? But he just shaved and cut his hair short. How’s that possible? He looked like someone who wouldn’t even snap a mosquito even if it drains his blood to death.

Or is it because we’re Asians? Because from where I am standing I believe that Police Officer wouldn’t have the guts to approach any western couple and be skeptic about they’re whereabouts.

Photo Credit: Devianart

The Daily Post: Angry

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