I have been putting my life on hold for some time now. There has always been voices in my head that drags me out of bed every morning. They always make an effort to jump start my  lazy bones. In fact they work for a good few hours and then I will lose them again. And it scares the hell out of me that I will end up like this for the rest of my life. Bumming. Snoozing. Procastinating. Contemplating. None of this makes me a better person. If I don’t get my act together I will stay in this corporate world forever. And it’s an apocalypse out here. I need a way out.

Procrastinating is a bitch. It looks good on the outside and a monster in the inside. The moment you feel like it’s crawling towards you, run! Move forward. Always move forward. Create a game plan. A device. A strategy. Be creative. You’ve got to knock it dead before it devours you. I know. It’s never easy. It’s always easier to allow something to eat your brains. Television. Social Media. Clubs. Video games. Food. Sleep.

I want productivity. I want self-fulfillment. I want independence and financial freedom. I want progress in my career. I want good money, good health and good life. I want businesses all over the place and enormous investments. I want a money making machine.  I want an empire.

And I take responsibility to this evolving decay that has been plaguing me. I shouldn’t be putting my life on hold. I should be doing something different. Something drastic. Something that scares me. Something big. Something that works.

Maybe I am not fighting a good fight that’s why I end up in the dumps, losing. It’s not about bringing your game face and some attitude. You have got to be bold and brave with your dreams. Most importantly you need to be dedicated. Strength comes naturally with practice. Work on your footwork and grow some muscles. Punches must be accurate. It’s mixed martial arts all together to get where you want to be.

Great opportunities, astounding possibilities and that stroke of luck which remains a mystery to the majority, it’s out there.

And it only comes to people who has a game plan.

People who make the right choices as early as 7 am.

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